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I am trying to log in using my Campus Oil customer account log in details that I usually use for www.campusoil.ie but it will not work?
These details will not work because you need to register separately for Campus Rewards. To register for Campus Rewards click here <insert link>

How do I qualify for Campus Rewards?
In order to qualify for Campus Rewards, you must place an order with Campus Oil. If you’re an existing Campus Rewards customer, you will be able to register and access Campus Rewards immediately. Once you register as a customer, you can visit Campus Rewards and enjoy the free rewards for a period of six months after the date of order. You will then be able to access some great rewards.

When I try to register, the system is telling me my phone number does not match?
If the system is telling you that your phone number does not match, then you will need to check the phone number that is on file with Campus Oil. You can do this by clicking here.

I just placed an order with Campus Oil and I’m unable to register. Why is this?
You may not be able to access the rewards for up to 7 business days. This is to allow enough time for our system to verify your details.

I have more than one account number, can I register them both?
Each account number can only be registered once to one email address. You are free to register all your account numbers but you must provide different email addresses each time.

I have registered for Campus Rewards but cannot log in – why is this?
If you have registered and cannot log in, please ensure that you are entering the correct email and password. If you are having trouble, you can reset them by clicking here <insert forgotten password link>

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